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4D Systems Pty LtdAbracon LLCActive-Semi International Inc.Adafruit Industries LLCAdesto TechnologiesAdvanced Linear Devices Inc.AKM Semiconductor Inc.Akros SiliconAllegro MicroSystems, LLCAlliance Memory, Inc.Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc.AlteraamsAmulet Technologies LLCAnalog Devices Inc.Apex MicrotechnologyAptina-ON SemiconductorArduinoAtmelAVX Corp/Kyocera CorpBel Power SolutionsBluetechnix GmbHBroadcom LimitedCELCentral Semiconductor CorpCirrus Logic Inc.Connor-WinfieldCopeland Communications Inc.Critical Link LLCCrystek CorporationCSR PLCCTS-Frequency ControlsCymbet CorporationCypress Semiconductor CorpDave Embedded SystemsDialog Semiconductor GmbHDigi InternationalDiodes IncorporatedDLP Design Inc.E2VEchelon CorporationEnhanced Video Devices IncEPSONEpson Electronics America Inc-Semiconductor DivEverspin Technologies Inc.Exar CorporationFairchild SemiconductorFairchild/Micross ComponentsFinisar CorporationFlexipanelFreescale Semiconductor - NXPFremont Micro Devices USAFTDI, Future Technology Devices International LtdFujitsu Electronics America, Inc.Future Designs Inc.Grayhill Inc.Holmate Technology Corp. (Holtek)Holt Integrated Circuits Inc.Honeywell Microelectronics & Precision SensorsIDT, Integrated Device Technology IncInfineon TechnologiesInnovasic SemiconductorInphi CorporationIntelInterlink ElectronicsIntersilISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution IncIXYSIXYS Integrated Circuits DivisionLattice Semiconductor CorporationLEDdynamics Inc.Linear TechnologyLinx Technologies Inc.Lite-On Inc.Littelfuse Inc.LogicM/A-Com Technology SolutionsMacronixMaxim IntegratedMegaChips Technology America CorporationMelexis Technologies NVMicro Commercial CoMicrochip TechnologyMicron Technology Inc.Microsemi - ENTMicrosemi CorporationMonolithic Power Systems Inc.Murata Power Solutions Inc.NetBurner Inc.NJR Corporation/NJRCNKK SwitchesNuvoton Technology Corporation of AmericaNXP SemiconductorsOctavo Systems LLCOmron Electronics Inc-EMC DivON SemiconductorPacket Digital LLCPanasonic Electric WorksPanasonic Electronic ComponentsParallax Inc.Peregrine SemiconductorPericomPower IntegrationsPowerex Inc.QimondaQuickfilter Technologies LLCRamtronRenesas Electronics AmericaRF SolutionsRichtek USA Inc.Rohm SemiconductorSanDiskSankenSANYO Semiconductor (U.S.A) CorporationSemtech CorporationSeoul Semiconductor Inc.Sharp MicroelectronicsSigma Designs Inc.SII Semiconductor CorporationSilicon LabsSkyworks Solutions Inc.SparkFun ElectronicsST-Ericsson IncSTMicroelectronicsTexas InstrumentsTLG PublicationsToko America Inc.Torex Semiconductor LtdToshiba Semiconductor and StorageTouchstone SemiconductorTrinamic Motion Control GmbHVicor CorporationVishay Semiconductor Opto DivisionVishay SiliconixWeidmullerWinbond ElectronicsWintec IndustriesWIZnetWurth Electronics IncXilinx Inc.XMOSZilog

Categories :

PMIC - AC-DC converter, off-line switchPMIC - Battery ChargersPMIC - LED DriverPMIC-OR controller, ideal for diodesPMIC - PFC (Power Factor Correction)PMIC - RMS to DC converterPMIC-V / F and F / V convertersPMIC - Power over Ethernet (PoE) controllerPMIC - Full, half-bridge driverPMIC - Display DriverPMIC - gate driverPMIC - Laser DriverPMIC - Hot-Swap ControllerPMIC - Thermal ManagementPMIC - lighting, ballast controllerPMIC - Voltage ReferencePMIC - motor drive, controllerPMIC - Battery ManagementPMIC - power controller, monitorPMIC - Power Management - DedicatedPMIC - MonitorPMIC - Regulator - DC DC Switching ControllerPMIC - Voltage Regulator - DC DC Switching RegulatorPMIC - Regulators - SpecializedPMIC - Regulators - LinearityPMIC - Regulators - Linear + SwitchingPMIC - Regulator - Linear Transistor DriverPMIC - Steady Current / Current ManagementPMIC - energy measurementPMIC - Power Distribution Switch, Load DriverRF transceiver ICsDedicated ICMemoryMemory-controllerMemory - Configuration PROM for FPGAsEmbedded - CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device)Embedded - DSP (Digital Signal Processor)Embedded - FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array)Embedded - PLD (Programmable Logic Device)Embedded - Microcontrollers - Application specificEmbedded - Microcontrollers or microprocessor modulesEmbedded - FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) with MicrocontrollersEmbedded - MicroprocessorsEmbedded - MicrocontrollersEmbedded - System-on-Chip (SoC)Interface - I / O extenderInterface - UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter)Interface - dedicatedInterface - Serializer, DeserializerInterfaces - Sensors and Detector InterfacesInterface - signal terminatorInterfaces - Signal buffers, repeaters, splittersInterface - ControllerInterface - ModuleInterface - Analog Switch - DedicatedInterfaces - Analog switches, multiplexers, demultiplexersInterface - Filter - ActiveInterface - TelecomInterface - Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)Interfaces - encoders, decoders, convertersInterface - codecInterface - Voice recording and playbackInterfaces - Modems - ICs and modulesInterfaces - Drivers, Receivers, TransceiversData Acquisition - ADCs / DACs - DedicatedData Acquisition - Digital PotentiometersData Acquisition - Digital to Analog ConvertersData Acquisition - Analog Front End (AFE)Data Acquisition - Analog to Digital ConvertersData Acquisition - Touch Screen ControllerClock / Timing - IC BatteryClock / Timing - DedicatedClock / Timing - Programmable timers and oscillatorsClock / Timing - Real-time clockClock / Timing - Delay LineClock / Timing - Clock Generator, PLL, Frequency SynthesizerClock / Timing - Clock Buffer, DriverLinear - Amplifier - dedicatedLinear - Amplifiers - Instrumentation, Operational Amplifiers, Buffer AmplifiersLinear - Amplifiers - Video Amplifiers and Frequency BuffersLinear - analog multiplier, dividerLinear - comparatorLinear - video processingLinear - audio amplifierLogic - FIFO memoryLogic - Dedicated logicLogic-signal switches, multiplexers, decodersLogic - multifrequency oscillatorLogic-parity generator and verifierLogic-gates and invertersLogic - Gates and Inverters - Versatile, configurableLogic - ComparatorLogic-shift registerLogic - Buffer, Driver, Receiver, TransceiverLogic-triggerLogic - a universal bus functionLogic - latchLogic - counter, dividerLogic devices - converters, level shiftersAccessoriesAudio only
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